Growth perspective Taiwan-Netherlands business relations

Taiwan and The Netherlands have a long standing business and trade relationship. Wasn’t, it the Dutch traders who, in the 17th century, understood the strategic position of the island Taiwan (than called Formosa) for ‘far-east trade’. Although liberated by the Chinese after 38 years, this pattern was set for the centuries ahead, and Taiwan has continued to play an important role in trade between China and Japan ever since then.

Can cooperation between incubator networks in Taiwan and The Netherlands support internationalisation for young companies?

That is the central question of this research. For that purpose, delegates from Taiwan have visited Dutch incubators in the spring of 2011 and Dutch delegates visited Taiwan in the fall. Furthermore, data research has been done and incubator managers in both countries have been questioned. In this report is a first draft for alignment of internationalisation activities in both regions.

The premise of this report is that young companies and small SME’s could be supported for easier expansion to international markets if service providers, incubator networks and regional and/or national agencies develop a cooperation framework to this end. This report elaborates how this can be achieved.

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