We love the pioneers that shape the world, breaking down the barriers that keep us from living the best life we can live. We need these pioneers so we can enjoy a future society that embraces freedom, solidarity and justice, a society that enables us to live in harmony with nature.

The world is in transition, the word ‘crisis’ is plastered all over. Poverty, unemployment, natural degradation and the wealth gap are growing. Where the financial crisis has struck societies everywhere, financiers become richer. Where governments have saved the banks, the sovereign debt has created a crisis in social and infrastructural spending. Solidarity between generations, between countries and between rich and poor is under attack. The world is facing a global meltdown through lack of access to water, food, energy and healthcare, even in developed countries. Where is this going to? Who is leading us?

You can help, we can all help. There is only one way we can survive these chaotic times; by taking action, deploying new initiatives

outside the common. Pioneering initiatives outside existing paradigm’s. Taking the risk to go beyond existing frontiers; your personal boundaries, cultural limitations, regulatory barriers and traditional feasibility methods. Pioneers don’t stay between the lines, they think ‘out-of-the-box’, experiment in unknown territories and act when nobody is moving. We need to become pioneers, or understand how to enable them – work with them and finance them. We should at least look for ways to make more space for pioneers.

That’s what Pioneerz is all about; developing the PioneerzSociety. The future society where a new balance is reached between initiating, enabling, investing and regulating people and organisations. A new balance between human & venture capital and an improved quality of life for all.

It’s time to act now! Join our initiative if you share our passion for pioneers and want to work with us to shape the future!